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Cocktails with Family Legacy

Since 1998, Massimiliano (Max) Romano has been inventing and creating unique cocktails using his outstanding skills, experience and knowledge gained over the years of working with luxury hotels, bars and restaurants...

Glasses of Cocktail with Lemon Slices

In a hotel suite, on a business class flight or in your football club's VIP box.

Enjoy exquisite flavours expertly crafted by Massimiliano's.

At Massimiliano's, we only use the finest ingredients and spirits to create our unique cocktails. Our products will soon be exclusively available in some of the best hotels, airline providers, football clubs' VIP boxes and boutiques. Designed to be enjoyed by those who appreciate great flavours, unique concepts and a comfortable lifestyle. We invite you all to join us in continuing our Sicilian family legacy by enjoying our products with your friends and family, wherever you are.

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About Massimiliano's Cocktails

Unique Flavours

One-of-a-kind pairings of exquisite ingredients create a stunning drink.

Family Legacy

Born out of Sicilian roots and family history, each cocktail tells a story.

Bottled Luxury

Carefully designed products you will be proud to display and offer to your guests.


Our Cocktail Range

We start with our first original cocktail, the world-famous Balsamic Gin and Tonic. We will be periodically adding new additions to our cocktail range. Stay tuned via our mailing list and social media for updates!

Award - Winning

Our Balsamic Gin & Tonic received awards for its innovative flavour, and Massimiliano Romano received the president's MIFP award for outstanding achievement in the Art of Cocktail for this unique creation.


Balsamic Gin and Tonic

The Story

“I went on holiday with a friend of mine in 1998 and decided to buy a bottle of gin as a ​present for my grandad in Modena, Italy. We then met nonno 'Ermanno who used to produce ​his own balsamic vinegar at home. We made some gin and tonics for all the guests to ​celebrate us all meeting again, and we noticed that grandad had this bottle of balsamic ​vinegar and he added a few drops to the cocktail. I said to my friend ‘What is grandad doing?’, ​and he said to me ‘Don’t worry, grandad produces his balsamic and he puts it on and in literally ​everything’. I then decided to try it myself. And when I did, I didn’t say much but deep down, I ​was thoroughly impressed by the flavour it created.

Some years later, I moved to Winchester, Hampshire, started working in Lainston House ​Hotel and I began making my own Balsamic Gin and Tonic there. It became popular straight ​away. After Lainston House Hotel, I moved to Southampton where I modified the cocktail and ​perfected the recipe and it eventually became what it is today.

All thanks to nonno 'Ermanno in Modena.

Now the Balsamic Gin and Tonic are very popular, crafted, and currently sold exclusively at ​Max’s Brasserie which I opened in 2014. It has its own Wikipedia section on the ​Mediterranean Institute for Fundamental Physics (MIFP) page. I also received The MIFP ​President’s Award for a distinguished career and in recognition of outstanding achievement ​in the Art of Cocktail for The Balsamic Gin and Tonic.”



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Massimiliano Romano


“I've worked in hospitality now for over 25 years, ​including in affluent venues such as Lainston House in ​Winchester as well as Limewood Hotel in Lyndhurst, ​where I opened my Max's Bar in 2009 with Michelin star ​chef Alex Aiken and Robin Hutson - one of the best ​hospitality professionals in the UK. I've also worked in ​many venues across London as a bar manager including ​Claridges, Lanesborough Hotel and others. I'm a ​member of the International Bartender Association as ​well as the Bartender's Guild UK. I've worked with top ​professionals in hospitality all my life and learned a lot ​through their experience and training.”

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Here’s where you can enjoy our Balsamic Gin & Tonic

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The Bridge Tavern, Portsmouth

Hand-sketched gin and tonic cocktail illustration.

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